Why is the notion of selling dirty panties highly lucrative?

Why is the notion of selling dirty panties highly lucrative?

To many people, it seemed like gross but the idea of selling dirty panty is pretty common all across the world. In fact, there are some horror stories that are doing the rounds like a certain lady stole her sister’s panties to make some quick bucks. Guys happen to be the best customers for this who buy these panties for the sake of having pleasure of having the odor in place of commitment. There are many women who have been involved in the process of selling used dirty panties for more than a decade.

The process of selling panties

If you happen to be one of those women who wish to sell their used panties but don’t know the procedure then be aware that for this purpose, you can set up a blog or a site. In this context, the most important thing that you must be mindful about is the site must be a lawful one in your place of living. After this, you must take pics of your panties and take some time out for the video meant for the endorsements. You must try to take numerous flattering pictures of the panties and with the help of a phone tripod post them on your blog.

Why is the notion of selling dirty panties highly lucrative?

For selling your used panties you can use keywords, hashtags, such as #ladyebonyspanty, #usedpantyseller, #buyusedpanties, etc. However, it is never important to show your face. After you have an interaction with your customer in email or DM, you can package your panties in a secured Ziploc bag before wrapping it in parchment paper.

The payment options

The customers pay for the panty upfront and you are liberal to accept various forms of payment that comprise:

  • Finely concealed cash which is being sent with signature plus certified.
  • Blank money orders which exceed $60.
  • Various forms of CC through various discreet payment procedures over the internet.
  • Gift cards too are acceptable. Some sellers don’t give consent to this for each and every sale, but in certain cases, they accept gift cards too that comes with orders that exceed $200.

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